Terms and Conditions

Kitchen Design

  • Drawings that are supplied by us are to give the client a visual representation of the kitchen and to assist with the visualisation of a new kitchen. We will do our best to confine the design to the customer's dimensions, however we take no responsibility for final measurements. These may not represent the final drawing of the kitchen.

  • Other suppliers and trades-people may use these drawings at their own risk and we can take no responsibility for any work done by others based on these drawings.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the drawings conform to plumbing, gas fitting, electrical or any other building regulations.

  • If in doubt the client should seek the advice of a builder or other qualified professional.

Kitchen Pricing

  • Cabinets are flat-packed unless otherwise stated. Cabinets can be assembled for an additional cost but must be picked up from our warehouse. Please enquire with Reads Kitchen's if you would like assembly.

  • All product prices are valid until the end of each calendar month or until stock is sold out, whichever comes first, unless stated otherwise.

  • A deposit of 50% of the total cabinet order will secure the products and protect against any price increase for a period of 90 days from receipt of the deposit.

  • We reserve the right to make any price changes to orders unless a deposit has been paid.

  • Deposits are non-refundable should the customer change their mind.

  • Deposits will be forfeited after 90 days

  • Stone benchtop prices are only verified after the template has been done. Additional charges may apply for difficult access or travel costs.

  • If a stone template has been done and the customer chooses not to go ahead with the benchtop, a template fee will be charged.

  • Custom laminate and stone benchtops, handles, sinks, and taps are quoted according to the sizes provided to us by the customer. Should there be any changes, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide this. No item can be ordered without a customer’s sign-off via a written signature or email.

  • We endeavor to resolve but take no responsibility if items from a 3rd party supplier are out of stock or higher priced.

Instructions and Modifications

  • Due to the risk of error or miscommunication, any changes to specification or dimensions, or any other specific instructions relating to your project will only be accepted if in writing (email or letter) prior to being processed.

Payment Terms

  • Unless otherwise stated GST is included in all our prices.

  • 100% payment is required before cabinets, benchtops, install and/or accessories can be picked up, delivered or provided.

  • Items will not be considered to be ordered and no stock will be set aside until full payment or a 50% deposit has been received for the items.

  • Should any items not be ready or partially complete at the time of delivery then we will agree on a time frame to supply that item or refund the difference for that item.

  • If you are paying by internet banking or cheque – you will need to allow sufficient time for the funds to be cleared before your order is accepted and processed.

  • Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard only) payments will incur a surcharge.

  • If you need to process a refund, any credit card surcharges that were paid on the order are non-refundable, as are any Paypal charges.

  • Ownership of goods will transfer to the client once the final payment has been received.

  • These payment terms are strictly enforced so please make sure you are fully in agreement with them prior to placing your order.

  • By signing the docket, the customer acknowledges that goods conform to the requirements of the purchase order. Goods are then considered “accepted” and do not have a quality issue.


Lead Times

  • Your kitchen cabinetry can be ready for free pick up from Reads Kitchens after full payment has been received. Reasonable notice is required to allow time to pick the order in the warehouse.

  • Delivery can be expected in approximately 2-5 working days after full payment, depending on location in New Zealand.

  • Benchtops can be ready for dispatch 5-15 working days after templates have been completed or final measurements have been taken. Not all locations can be supplied benchtops.

  • No benchtops will be ordered without confirmation of measurements in writing/drawing from either the customer, installer or professional tradesperson, which could affect lead times. No other forms of communication will be accepted.

  • These lead times may alter depending on factory work-loads, staff illness, material availability etc. You will be advised in advance of any delays but no consequential claims will be accepted for any reasonable delay in quoted lead-time.


  • We don’t offer a free at-home consultation, in order to keep our prices competitive the initial price estimate is done base on the customer plan or kitchen layout, if the initial price estimate is within your budget, we then send a professional installer to double-check your measurements.

  • Alternatively, if you would like someone to plan the kitchen for you for a small consultation fee of $100 we can send a professional installer to plan the kitchen out for you and make you a layout. We then price the kitchen based on this layout.

  • In many instances an installation will not be able to be completed at one time – for example:

    • When templates need to be taken for benchtops,

    • Where part of the kitchen needs to be installed before other dimensions can be determined,

    • Where special or indent items have not yet been received into store.

  • Range hood installation – please note that the installation of the Range Hood (including cut-outs in cabinetry for vents and electrical sockets) is not included in any installation quotes, however our installer is usually able to provide such a service at an additional cost.

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to coordinate with the kitchen installer, range hood installer and electrician.

  • It is the installer’s and/or customer’s responsibility to check all items supplied (for size, colour, specification and quality) before installation. Our liability will be for the replacement of faulty goods only – not removal and re-installation cost.

  • Note: some panels are usually supplied over-sized to allow scribing by the installer – if required. All panel sizes must be checked before installation.

  • All screws and fixings necessary to assemble the cabinets are included in the flat packs. Any screws or fixings to install the cabinets eg. wall fixings, screws to join the cabinets to each other or anchor to the floor are NOT included. These must be purchased by the customer from their local hardware store.



  • Our kitchens utilize a standard 150 mm toe-kick. They are designed and recommended to be installed on top of the finished floor.

  • If you choose to install the kitchen before the flooring, the toe kick may not fit. This may also cause problems with dishwasher and fridge height clearances. You will need to make arrangements for your installer to either place the units on blocks of the appropriate thickness during installation or to cut down the toe kicks. This may incur an additional charge.



  • We will use our best efforts to ensure that all cabinets are adjusted to accommodate your appliances – provided you have made the details available to us. However, we cannot guarantee that they will fit.

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to check the fit of all appliances before installation of the cabinetry and to make the appropriate adjustments if necessary. We can accept no responsibility for extra costs incurred should this not be done.

  • Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that appliance manufacturer’s requirements and/or building codes are complied with. We can accept no liability for consequential damage caused by incorrect installation of the appliances.



  • We don't accept returns due to change of mind, so please choose your items carefully. For example, if a cabinet does not fit your space, or you change your mind about the colour or finish, we are unable to accept returns. If an item is faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.



  • All kitchen cabinets and hardware in the Premier range are guaranteed against faulty materials and hardware for 10 years, the Florence range is for a period of 5 years and Milan for 3 years.

  • Customers must supply proof of purchase with any warranty claims

  • All items are guaranteed against manufacturing defects only, the warranty does not cover water or heat damage to cabinets and doors, or general wear and tear.

  • Thermowrapped doors are not guaranteed against damage by water or heat-generating appliances. You should discuss options to minimize this risk with your designer or salesperson. Warranty will be void if thermal wrap doors or panels are cut incorrectly.

  • All Re-engineered stone quartz benchtops are guaranteed for 5 years for joints and workmanship, the warranty does NOT cover chips, cracks or any damage due to neglect or impacts from heavy or sharp items being dropped on it. However, exclusions do apply – therefore it is important to read the separate guarantee and care instructions provided with this item.

  • Our liability is limited to the purchase price of any faulty items plus reasonable installation costs. We will not accept liability for any unreasonable or extraordinary installation costs e.g. where permanent or semi-permanent structures or fittings have been attached to the kitchen cabinetry or benchtop.

  • If you require an item to be replaced under warranty terms, we require the faulty item to be brought back to us to be assessed and for quality control purposes. We will then replace the item providing it is covered under warranty.